Wonderful benefits of “MINT”.

Benefits of MINT POWDER.
Mint is also one of the blessings of the Almighty – the mint serves as a great tank for both internal and external protection – its unique aroma keeps our heart and mind moving.
Our mortgages have changed and many new diseases are arising due to this. For healthy living we have to change our lifestyle. Vegetables and fruits contain natural ingredients that are strong against diseases. The topic of vegetable is also an important vegetable that we use very fondly but we are not fully aware of its benefits.
Most of the mint is used in the form of fresh leaves or sliced ​​juice wise people to use it in their medicine and it is used in medicine – so the use of mint in any way does not diminish its efficacy.
Teach the mint in the sun by hand-rubbing its leaves into a powder form, and put it in any vial and top it off and use it as needed – rather, take a small spoon after each meal. It should be easily digested by the food or sprinkle the mint on top of the food – it is quite beneficial –
Teach the leaves of the mint and take them with water in case of indigestion, the indigestion will go away.
If its leaf powder is sprayed on the food, not only will its aroma make the food delicious but also digest the skin.
If the mint powder is mixed with lemon juice and applied to the face then the skin will turn out.
Apply the leaves of the mint and apply it on the teeth like a scent.
Apply mint leaves in water to the roots of the hair and it will stop the hair from falling as the mint leaves contain antioxidant.

Mint powder relaxes abdominal gas and indigestion Mint powder relieves fatigue.

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