Advantages and Disadvantages of “GREEN TEA”.

The benefits of green tea and disadvantages!

Nowadays green tea is being consumed all over the world, there is no doubt that its benefits are enormous but its use can be harmful – the antioxidants contained in green tea for us. In addition, it contains nutrients that are beneficial for people of all ages –
Green tea users are protected against many illnesses Do not overuse green tea One to two cups of tea a day. Drinking more of it can be harmful to health – Drink tea at least three hours before going to bed The use of brand now we will try to know the physical benefits of green tea and then I’ll be aware of some of the losses.

Benefits of Green Tea:
1.Green tea enhances the mental capacity of those who consume it. It also protects
the brain and also protects against Alzheimer’s disease. Drinking green tea reduces obesity because it contains caffeine and fatty acids. When you eat, drink a cup of green tea for half an hour after it is consumed. It ansorb
the fat.
2.Green tea also gives strength to the body.
3.Green tea eliminates cancer cells in the body. and they declined to help prevent colon cancer in those who use green tea and breast cancer rates grow.
4.Green tea reduce diabetes, jaundice and liver disease.
5.Green tea protects teeth, it prevents the creation of bacteria in dental.
6.Green tea benefits prevents bad cholesterol blood is flowing
can be protected from pain of couples.
7.Green tea is the elimination of internal inflammation.
8.Green Tea
Protects from Allergies – Using green tea protects you from asthma.
9.Green tea reduce depression.

Green tea damages:
1.If Green tea drunk an empty stomach, it can cause gastrointestinal problems besides heartburn and acidity always drank green tea after twenty minutes of eating.
.2. Pregnant women should not use green tea.
3.Overuse of green tea reduces iron deficiency in the body as it prevents iron from absorbing in the body.
4.Excessive consumption of green tea increases the amount of caffeine that is harmful to sleep. 5.Excessive consumption of green tea increases the amount of caffeine that is harmful to sleep.6.Excessive consumption of green tea can also causes headache.

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