6 Amazing health benefits of “BLACK CARDAMOM”.

6 amazing health benefits of black cardamom:
The aromatic seed, Cardamom is extremely popular across the globe. Black cardamom is also known as winged cardamom, hill cardamom, Bengal cardamom and greater cardamom. Black cardamom is a perennial herb that contains numerous health benefits. For example, chewing a few seeds of cardamom can help increase your appetite. Black cardamom oil can be used for massages to get rid of mental or emotional stress.

  1. Black cardamom provides respiratory relief
    Black cardamom is a natural remedy for respiratory problems. You can combat asthma, cold, cough and bronchitis with these black pods.
  2. Black cardamom improves dental health
    Black cardamom contains a strong aromatic flavor, and can fight dental disorders such as teeth and gum infections, as well as bad breath.
  3. Black cardamom has anti-cancer properties
    Black cardamom contains two kinds of antioxidants. These antioxidants help combat colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. They also prevent the growth of cancerous cells.
  4. Black cardamom is good for your hair
    Black cardamom’s anti-oxidative properties help keep your scalp and hair strands nourished, while making your hair stronger, with thick and shiny tresses.
  5. Black cardamom relieves constipation
    Black cardamom relieves constipation. Black cardamom can stimulate and regulate the gastric and intestinal glands to secrete essential juices. This helps in the metabolism and makes the large intestine healthy.
  6. Black cardamom improves cardiovascular health
    Regular intake of black cardamom will keep your heart healthy, your blood pressure under check, and also reduce the chances of a blood clot.

There are so many benefits of black cardamom (bari ilaichi, kali ilaichi). Black cardamom improves the digestive system and makes you healthy. You can also improve dental health from black cardamom. The foremost benefit of black cardamom (bari ilaichi, kali ilaichi) is that it improves the heart health, prevents blood clotting. You can get lots of benefits of black cardamom (bari ilaichi, kali ilaichi) by daily consumtion.
The benefits of black cardamom (bari ilaichi, kali ilaichi) include anti cancer properties as well. Black cardamom increases the white cells which fight the cancerous cells. You cannot count on the benefits of black cardamom (bari ilaichi, kali ilaichi).

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